Relentless Tides, in Britten's 'Peter Grimes"


THE HIT SINGLE: "Do We Smile Or Do We Weep?"

In Act Two, when the townspeople conclude that Grimes is likely a murderer, and the men head off to confront him, Auntie (mezzo-soprano Rebecca de Pont Davies) and the two "nieces" (sopranos Gillian Ramm and Mairead Buicke) stay behind. In a hauntingly beautiful trio, they reflect on the role of the town's women, who "comfort men from ugliness," singing, "Do we smile or do we weep, or wait quietly till they sleep?"  

THE B SIDE: "The Storm"

Among the opera's many striking features are several, substantial orchestral interludes, four of which were turned into a familiar concert suite, known as the "Four Sea Interludes." One of them depicts the violent storm in the first act.