Inspiring a Nation: Verdi's 'Nabucco'


THE HIT SINGLE: "Va, pensiero"

This emotional chorus might just be the most famous music Verdi ever composed.  Sung in Part Three by the exiled Hebrews in Babylon, it includes the words "my country, so beautiful and lost," and became associated with the "Risorgimento," the 19th-century movement for Italian unity and independence.

THE B SIDE: "I Love You!"

Act One introduces the love triangle that drives much of the opera's action and intrigue.  Abigaille (soprano Csilla Boross) declares that she loved Ismaele, and can't believe he's now with Fenena.  Ismaele (tenor Leonardo Capalbo) says he's willing to give up his life to Abigaille if she demands it, but could never give her his heart. Fenena, at Ismaele's side, recognizes the power of the "true God of Israel."