Rossini Turns 21, with 'Aureliano in Palmira'


THE HIT SINGLE: "Va, m'abbandona" ... "Non ti lascio"

In a duet near the end of Act One, the lovers Zenobia and Arsace (soprano Jessica Pratt and mezzo-soprano Lena Belkina) are together for what they think is the last time.  Arsace suggests that Zenobia leave him and save herself ("Va, m'abbandona"), saying his fate will be less bitter if he knows she is alive.  Zenobia refuses ("Non ti lascio"), declaring that she'd rather die than be without him.

THE B SIDE:  "Non piangete"

Also in the first act, Queen Zenobia (soprano Jessica Pratt) proudly recalls a time when fate was kinder to Palmira.  She then delivers a rousing appeal to her frightened people, singing "Do not cry," and promising a future of freedom.