Strife and Salvation: Beethoven's 'Fidelio'

The Introduction

THE HIT SINGLE:  "God, Such Darkness Here"

The first appearance of Florestan (tenor Klaus Florian Vogt) comes in the powerful solo scene that opens Act Two. Alone in the dungeon, with little hope of rescue, he sings "Gott! Welch Dunkel hier" -- "God, Such Darkness Here." Delirious, he imagines Leonore coming to him as an angel, and sees a vision of heavenly light, before falling unconscious.

THE B SIDE: "Ha! What a Moment"

The villain Don Pizarro (bass-baritone Falk Struckmann) introduces himself in Act One with the aria "Ha! Welch' ein Augenblick" -- "Ha! What a Moment" -- when he senses that he finally has his chance to murder Florestan.